Monday, February 27, 2012

Recycling Winter to Summer!

I have 2 little girls and dressing them appropriately has been an adventure the last year.  My 7 year old is a size 8-10 and everything in the stores has something written on it that I do not feel is appropriate.  You know the "hottie" or "Rock-n-Roll" or the ever popular skull and cross bones.  I just don't want my 1st grader sporting around a "I'm a Hottie" t-shirt at the park!  :D.  Fortunately, good ole walmart has plain colored knit shirts.  The problem is they are PLAIN!  I ran across a seasonal sale table last week with a bunch of long sleeve knit shirts for only $3 each.  I decided to up cycle them into some cute summer shirts.  Knit is pretty darn easy to play with, so here is what I did to the first one. 

I cut the sleeves and bottom off and added lettuce leaf trim using a satin stitch and stretching the fabric as I sewed it. 
Even this is a nice play shirt just for summer, you could get by with leaving it like this really. 
But, I didn't.  I cut the collar out and added elastic, giving the shirt a new look all together. 

I added a little crocheted embellishment and Voila! 

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