Abby's Princess Room

The Princess Room

My daughter and I decided that for her birthday present this year we would re-decorate her room. She requested the colors pink and yellow, said Belle was her favorite princess, and told me she loves flowers, jewels, and butterflies.

The first thing I did was paint the walls. I measured 3 feet up and taped and painted yellow on top, pink on bottom. I still have a stencil to add, but I ordered it online and it hasn't made it here as of yet.

I bought my paint at Lowe's. I used the Val spar Premier Primer/Paint in one. It's about $40.00 a gallon. This is a very textured wall. You can't really tell from the photo, but I discovered the hard way that a regular roller does NOT get the job done. So I literally hand painted these walls with a brush. The walls were a dark brownish/green when we bought the house and this is the first paint job I have done on them. I am not painting this room again for a long time. I truly hope my daughter really loves pink and yellow. ;)

The Bed Canopy

My latest project was her bed canopy. I ordered 40 yards of a lemon colored netting from JoAnn Fabrics, 2 spools of 1in. wide yellow ribbon, flat backed rhinestones, 30 yards of pink netting ( 6 in. wide) various flowers, and a plastic quilting hoop.

I measured from floor to ceiling ( mine are 10 feet) so I cut 4 3 yard panels of lemon netting. I then measure the circumference of my hoop and cut 2 strips of 1" x 60" ribbon ( this is for the casing). I then totaled the remaining ribbon I had and cut it into equal 24 inch pieces. ( This is to hang the canopy). This gives me a total of about 11 feet from floor to ceiling for my canopy.

I then took a metal crochet needle and some size 10 crochet thread and hand stitched a gather stitch into the top of each 3 yard panel. I did it this way because a sewing machine and netting is a pill to say the least. After I gathered all 4 panels, I took one of the 60"strips of ribbon and pinned my gathered netting along the back. I straight stitched the ribbon to the netting. I then took the circumference of my hoop ( 6o") and the total of my 24" ribbon strips( 12) and divided it to get an even spacing for hanging. Mine came out every 5 inches. So I pinned the 2nd 60" ribbon strip to the 12 24" ribbon strips placing a hanging ribbon every 5" from beginning to end. I pinned my ribbon combination to the back of my netting. I stitched at the very top of the ribbon and the very bottom of the ribbon. I was very careful to stay very close to the edge of the ribbon because this makes a casing for my hoop to slip through. I then inserted my hoop.

Now comes the easy part. I hot glued flat back rhinestones all the way around my hoop with a separation of about 3/4 of an inch.

I then gathered all of my hanging strips and rubber banded them together. I pulled and loosened all the way around the hoop until each ribbon was the exact same length from the hoop. ( This makes sure it hangs straight.) I put the rubber band about 4 inches down the ribbons. I took the top 4" above the rubber band and looped it down with a very very large safety pin. I could have sewn them down but I haven't really decided what I want to hang this with and I wanted to leave the top easy to re-hang later when I decide what I want).

I hung my canopy up to work around easier and I cut my pink netting into 12 equal strips. I cut them about 6 ft. each. I then tied each pink strip to the base of the hanging ribbons. Right where the ribbons meet the hoop. I tied it in front with about a 6 inch top so it would stick up. You can kind of see it in the above photo. I then just finished adding on the accessories.
Then I hung it from the ceiling and gather 2 panels on each side of her bed posts and attached pink butterflies as pull backs and a curly ribbon to cover the rubber band and pin. It took me about 4 hours total. The majority of my time was spent on hot gluing jewels! Tada!! One pink and yellow princess bed canopy.

I bought all of my materials from JoAnn Fabrics. I love that store! 

Please feel free to email me with any question you might have in your adventure making one of these. Have Fun!

My sister made one of these canopy's for her daughter. She had to construct it a little different because we were working with a hoop that didn't come apart. So what we did was pin and sew the netting around the hoop. She also uses ribbons and feathers to decorate hers, rather than jewels and tulle. Turned out great. She uses her to go over a reading chair in the corner of her daughter's room. A chair for a Princess!

Wall Art

I have been looking for 11x14 frames to fit some posters I ordered from I only paid 8 bucks a poster so I didn't want to spend $25.00 a frame. I found these wooden frames for 5 a piece at Walmart tonight, so after everyone went to bed I got busy!

Super easy project. The longest part was waiting for the paint to dry. Turned out pretty good don't ya think? So glad to cross another project off my list!.

I painted the frames white and then sealed with polyurethane. Then I sprinkled tinsel glitter while the poly was still wet.

Then I glued on jewels and added some pink paint to the edges.

DONE! Total cost for 4 posters, frames, and materials, $60.00.

The Dressing Station

Dressing Station for my little princess. The whole thing cost me less than 20 dollars.

Materials I used:

Old Cork Board
Extra Large Push pins
Old 5x7 wood frame
A small hinge and screws
A little left over screen
Flat backed Jewels
Hot glue gun
Little ribbon
5 little boxes ( These are hot pink ,glittered and have a ribbon handle. I found them in the Christmas clearance at Walmart for 25 cents each!)

OK, so here's what I did. I spray painted the cork board, glued and press the center with the fabric, and then stenciled flowers randomly on the fabric. I then sprayed glitter on the entire center. I glued ribbon around the perimeter of the board. I glue jewels to the center of the push pins and then put those in the center of the stenciled flowers. I took a 5x7 wood picture frame, took all the parts out, painted it and then glitter sprayed it. I cut a piece of screen to fit the inside of the frame and hinged it to the board. Then I hung it on the wall, added jewelry and added the boxes below by hanging them from the really large push pins with jewels. By the way, I stenciled matching flowers with jeweled centers to the front of the boxes. I hung a braided ribbon next to the board for hair bows, clips, etc. and a large full length mirror. That's it! My little one LOVES IT!

The Stencils

Finally got eh wall stencils done. I bought this stencil at It's called the dotted Scallop and it was $22.00. I love the way it turned out. It was fairly easy too. Just had to make sure I was lined up and taped down good as always!

What do ya think???

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